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For Ouctus Unified Communication System, Softswitch, Wholesale VoIP, All-in-One System, VoIP Billing, Calling Card, PC Softphone & Mobile Softphone Ouctus Support includes remote installation of software on the server provided by the client and its configuration. Ouctus support will provide complete, operation-ready solution to the client. The First one month free support This support package covers remote support for Ouctus products. After one month of free support, these extensive support services will be charged at an Yearly rate as agreed in advance.

The associate cohort agenda offer a supplemental profits prospect to corporation capable to offer a skilled sales leads to Ouctus Technology. The foundation level agenda recognized a formal sales referral association with companies selling related products and services to intentional marketplace served by Ouctus Technology. The Strategic associate agenda is the most advantageous concurrence in terms of revenue prospect, elasticity and associate sustain. Ouctus Technology strategic associates put together Ouctus Technology into their product to go to market with an additional complete and spirited resolution. Strategic associates have the preference of either confidentially branding or co-branding Ouctus Technology products.

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