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One of the first powers of Android mobile phone was launched in 2008 and it has been developed a new creed of mobile applications developers, driving a gigantic revolution in mobile handsets as well as mobile application industry around the world. It’s changed the power of both tablets and mobile phones successively on Android, which android mobile phone users may use and customize accordingly. Now a day, with the increasing use of Android devices, every enterprise and business requirements an advanced and imaginative Android app for their valuable clients, partners and employees for the better expectance of services and keep in touch with them. If you’ve requirement for any impressive Android app, then Ouctus is one of the right, should be primer partner for you.

Ouctus provides you a complete android solution service and one of the best android application development company, located in Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR Region, India. Currently working with all the strategic key platforms including iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian and other, Ouctus has been known to be one of the oldest companies in India to launch Android applications development when Android SDK was launched. Our technical team consists of the one of the most skillful and experienced Android application developers for design, development, testing as well as deployment of Android applications.

We have previously developed many enterprise and business Android applications for our global valuable customers. We have countless knowledge in Android’s software development kit, location based service API, Android media API, Android Security Architecture, Wi-Fi API, 3D graphics, OpenGL, and many more technologies needed to build up the most innovative and creative Android apps. At Ouctus, we select for a lean approach and strategy to build up customized Android applications and UX. Our enthusiastic technical team of professional Android application developers has expertise in android 2.x, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, 6.x and frequently updates their acquaintance with the up-to-date release of this Android platform. In edict to know more about our Android app development services, contact us today!

We engaged with customers ranging from Fortune 500 worldwide companies to resourceful startups to translate their hallucination or idea into super sleek, usable and beautiful Android Applications.

We have created a wide range of applications in different domains in this industry, a few of them include:

  • Fashion and Retail Applications.
  • Shopping and Ecommerce Applications.
  • Educational Applications.
  • Travel, Restaurant and Food Applications.
  • Social Media and Social Networking Applications.
  • Health, Lifestyle and Fitness Applications.
  • Book Applications.
  • Home Automation and Real Estate Applications.
  • Multimedia and Music Applications.

Since the starting of Android phase, the team of experts at Ouctus has been building accessible, rich and attractive native customized Android apps. For enterprises & businesses and individuals, who wish to bowdlerized the costs and customized cross or hybrid platform applications that run of numerous platforms, Ouctus has helped in customized Android apps using the latest technologies and frameworks. We usually handle end to end application development for Android, including architecture, requirement gathering, design, development, deployment, testing and even the marketing strategy. However, if your business requirement has been simply to add more capable and sophisticated Android application developers who may remotely work for your dreams or at your own location, then you may even hire our Android application developers to immediately buzz start your development work.

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